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We’re happy to be bouncing back on court. There’s organized squash every day. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s what:
9-12 CBS Junior
6:30-8 CBS Women’s Night
4-8 CBS Inclusivity
5:30-8:30 CBS Junior
5:30-8:30 CBS Junior
6-9 ASC Senior League
5:30-9:00 CBS Senior League
6:45-8:30 ASC Women’s Night
6-8 CBS Inclusivity
9:45-12:45 CBS Junior
Aquarena Squash Club:
aquarenasquashclub@gmail.com Facebook: Aquarena Squash Club
CBS Squash Club
cbssquash@gmail.com 834-7498 Facebook CBS Squash Club
CBS Inclusivity

e.hart@nl.rogers.com  834-3541 Facebook: Canadian Inclusivity Squash Program

Goose Bay Squash Club
Regular senior play during the week is ongoing. Contact Attwood_c@hotmail.com for more info.
Other facilities with squash related activities are listed at squashnl.com and include Ches Penny Y, Mews Centre, Gander Fitness & Rec Centre, Grand Falls-Windsor Y, Forever Young Fitness Corner Brook, and the Bay St. George Y.