Covid Update

We are regularly updating our guidelines and coordinating with Sport NL / Public Health as we move thru the latest situation.
All group, team sport and recreation activities where close proximity is required are suspended.
Group sport and recreation activities can continue if physical distancing can be maintained at all times amongst participants. The number of participants per room, playing space or ice surface must follow current capacity restrictions.
Individual activities involving members of the same household are permitted. Anyone in the same household and “tight 10” are not required to physically distance and can train together.
Alert Level 4
Participants in sport and recreation activities at squash facilities are limited to groups of no more than 50 people or 25 per cent capacity, whichever is less. Physical distancing of 2 metres between different households must be maintained.
Non-contact skill development training sessions are permitted during Alert Level 4, with the following guidance:
Training should occur between one or more participants of a household and their Tight 10 and 1-2 coaches. These training pods should be kept separated by at least two metres (six feet) from other pods, and participants/coaches should not change pods during the session.
Members of a single household and members of their Tight 10 may participate together in recreational activities.
Individual/minimal contact recreational sport activities (including but not limited to alpine/Nordic skiing, triathlon, general skating, lane or bubble swimming, badminton, pickle ball or tennis) may proceed with individuals from outside a single household during Alert Level 4, as long as individuals are asymptomatic and not required to self-isolate for any reason. Physical distancing must be maintained.
Teams and clubs associated with individual/minimal contact recreational sport must not participate in group activities where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
Competitions, tournaments, meets, and fundraising events (e.g. group swim-a-thons) are not permitted.


The full guidelines can be found here: